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At this photograph shows a girl surfer, who trains for endurance, she just run across the ocean floor with a stone, which weighs 20 kilograms. And all this in order to have sufficient strength to withstand to all hits of waves.

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Once in the classroom of social problems professor raised the black book and said: "This book is red". And all the students like: "No". And he said: "Yes, red." And they are again: "It isn't." He turned the book, and its back cover actually turned red. And then the professor said: "Don't declare anyone, that he is wrong, until such time as not look at the current situation from his point of view".

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James Garfield, president of the USA (20th, to be exact) could write in greek language by one hand and, for a moment, SIMULTANEOUSLY in latin by other hand! The great artist nd my favorite Leonardo da Vinci could write by one hand and, for a moment, also SIMULTANEOUSLY draw by other.

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Did you know that in 1952, after the death of 1-st president of Israel, the post was offered to the greatest scientist - Albert Einstein. After some reflections Albert refused, citing a lack of skills of management of government and the fact that he can not work with people.

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Did you know that 2З% of breakdowns of xerographic machines around the world occur because some people sit on them and try to xerox their asses

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The homeless guy, who is depicted on this photo, every day sitting on Empire Road in Johannesburg (RSA), and instead of begging money, he sells books reviews. He collects books, each of which reads and makes his own review, assessment. If you will like the review, you can buy a book. So he makes a living.

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Goosebumps which begin to "run" the skin while listening to your favorite or just a good composition is the result of the fact that in foretaste of the climax, the moment of the song in the brain is released dopamine.

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Drivers of city Changsha (China) have complained that the new 3D crosswalks cause panic among them, because it looks like cement blocks or logs. They think that the road is closed for this reason fall into panic and sharply pressed on the brakes. Here's a tricky way to force drivers to drive carefully

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Jamais vu (I first thought, too, that a typo), well, that's - it's such a psychic phenomenon, a complete opposite to deja vu. This sudden feeling that you first encounter a situation or person, despite the fact that actually they are well familiar to you.

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Did you know that on the human body hair as much as the and in monkeys (well, approximately), namely chimpanzees. Just most of them are useless and to the extent thin that they are almost not visible.

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